Digitalisation is the buzzword on everyone’s lips these days. But digitalisation is more than transitory. It is an irreversible transformation. And it affects all sectors and companies of all sizes with:

     digitalised business processes,
disruptive business models,
innovative customer offers, and
           new communication channels.

But the way forward isn’t always easy

The changes to business models and processes brought about by digitalisation and the new technologies now in use has created a need for fundamental transformation – at both the individual and organisational level. This is a challenging path. Without external help and an unbiased perspective, this trial is one that is usually hard to successfully master.

As a digital consulting company, we understand the challenges you face and can work with you to develop custom solutions. We manage technology at every level in your organisation, work with and empower your staff, and know our way around the market. This puts us in the perfect position to identify the best strategy for you.

Our consultants work in finely tuned teams with complementary skills – including experienced managers, user experience specialists, and «digital natives». We support you along the entire process, from your initial ideas to software development and successful implementation within your company, or marketing and distributing your finished product.


Your success is our success

Your success is what drives us. This is why we aim to work very closely with you, one expert to another. After all, your people know your business best, and we contribute with our cross-industry expertise. It is only by working together using tried-and-tested methods that companies can quickly get to grips with the challenges of digitalisation.

As an international software engineering consultancy with more than 500 consultants worldwide, we have supported companies from a vast variety of industries through their digital transformation processes for many years. We were the go-to experts long before anyone was really talking about digitalisation.

Our unique combination of

  consulting and engineering services,
process and technology know-how,
                    methodology expertise,
         and pragmatic practical approaches

is carefully tuned to meet and anticipate our clients’ needs, resulting in recognised success and a leading market position.

A culture of change

We understand: Digital transformation needs more than just technology and modified processes to succeed. Success demands a culture that enables and welcomes change must be fostered in every area of the company. This is what we call «digitalisation with a human touch».