ERNI has supported numerous companies from all over the world and all manner of industries with their digitalisation and change management projects over recent years. Here are a few examples:

Health insurance

Health insurance provider automates contract completion process

Challenge: One of Switzerland’s leading health insurance provider’s quoting and application process involved too many paper forms and different media. With more than 15,000 policies introduced every year, this resulted in a considerable amount of additional work. On top of this, new contracts were largely being concluded during the final quarter, meaning capacities were often overstretched at this time of year. A temporary team must be set up to manually input applications from different sources to deal with this additional workload.

Solution: ERNI supported the client in establishing a paperless workflow to enable partial or full automation of the contract-conclusion process. The ERNI tablet solution also allowed the use of digital signatures to sign the agreement. The contractual information is then automatically and directly written to the backend system. More than 2,500 users – including both internal sales teams and independent salespersons and brokers – are now using the ERNI tablet solution. This saves a quarter of the time previously spent processing contracts. Minimising duplications also saves significant costs and the administrative work was reduced by 35%.


Printer manufacturer creates new service offerings

Challenge: Large-format and 3D printers are not only changing the face of printing today. Companies that use these devices also expect efficient operation and low-cost maintenance. A world-leading printing manufacturer wanted to offer its customers an always-on service that was easy to use and available on any device. It needed to support the printer’s entire lifecycle and help reduce costs through easy monitoring of important metrics, such as material consumption, as well as always displaying the current status of print jobs.

Solution: A ten-person team of ERNI experts used agile methods to develop «cost recovery» software to make it easy to track costs and manage the manufacturer’s large-format printer on any platform. Print costs can be calculated per project, department, or user and optimised accordingly. The client’s employees can now use a user-friendly application to access all these functions in much the same way as any other popular smartphone app. The app also features automatic updates and report generation.


Pharmaceuticals group uses IoT technology for faster diagnoses

Challenge: Whether for cancer, infectious diseases, diabetes, or heart disease – hospitals are using diagnostic devices to save people’s lives on a daily basis. However, around the world, millions of these «heavy devices» are not connected to each other, meaning valuable time is lost when diagnosing illness. A leading manufacturer of diagnostic systems therefore wanted to use the Internet of Things (IoT) to connect its devices and securely and reliably transmit large quantities of data.

Solution: ERNI developed a secure IoT communications solution that connected the diagnostic device to a Raspberry Pi. This low-cost mini-computer then creates an encrypted connection to the cloud service provided by the pharmaceuticals company’s data centre using Wi-Fi, mobile internet, or any other available network connection. The data can then be sent on from there to a laboratory or hospital information system for further analysis. Where waiting times of one day were once the norm, this system ensures the results of the diagnosis are with the doctor treating the patient within just a few minutes. This means treatment can get underway faster, there is no need for a second appointment, and costs are reduced.


Packaging printer improves customer loyalty using an app

Challenge: A leading manufacturer of custom packaging solutions for the pharmaceuticals, foods, and cosmetics industries wanted to improve customer loyalty using digital sales and service solutions. The goal was to have an app that is adding value to their customer and acts as a communication bridge between them and their machine at the clients premises. It should also be possible to expand the app’s functionality later as and when required.

Solution: The first incarnation of the Industry 4.0 solution designed by ERNI consists of a mobile app for iOS and Android devices with additional functionality for sales and customer service staff. For example, it included a tool to automatically generate a quote for a client on location thanks to a direct connection to the relevant ERP data, and a function for automatic recognition of data from machines requiring maintenance. A module to support predictive maintenance is currently being developed. Usage data is also being analysed to generate precise predictions in relation to maintenance intervals and materials. «Augmented reality» will be integrated into the app in future to ensure a consistent quality standard is delivered by the company’s service technicians worldwide.