Jazz Kang

Jazz Kang: Bringing technology and management together

Designing, developing, and deploying digital solutions has been Jazz Kang’s passion for more than 20 years. He is deeply interested in both the technological and organisational aspects of his work. The London-born physics and management graduate started off by developing an e-commerce solution for the cinema industry.

This was followed by one of the world’s first innovative music Download and Streaming services, this project was awarded by the prestigious «Digital Achievement of the Year Award». He also worked in various e-health-related projects during this period.

Jazz Kang relocated to Zurich in August 2011. First he worked at a large bank, where his key focus was on agile transformation. One year later he transferred to ERNI, where he is now employed as a Principal Consultant. He mostly works in Switzerland and Germany, but also the Philippines, Slovakia, Spain and Singapore.

Driven to embrace and confront the challenges of digitalisation, his colleagues describe him as dynamic, exceptionally creative, persistent, and occasionally disruptive. But he is not a lonesome warrior; rather, he is a forward thinker who knows how to motivate his team and drive people to achieve their full potential.

«Digital is a broad term that represents many topics – for me personally, it represents a new era. Companies must adapt to survive  – working faster and driving relevance and focus to their customers through boundless creativity. It is an era of excitement and constant change.»

Ramona Bishoff

Ramona Bischoff: Change enriches life

Born in the late 1980s, Ramona Bischoff is the very definition of a «digital native». Computers, tablets and smartphones are all part of her everyday life – both inside and outside of work.  She has been interested in the effects of digital technologies on corporate culture and business models from early on. The strategic long-term implementation of innovative ideas are also part of her day-to-day work. She is a creative visionary and a passionate doer to her very core.

This has been demonstrated through various projects for one of Switzerland’s largest mobility services provider, where her roles included Head of Innovation. Ramona Bischoff was responsible for the development of mobile apps to predict customers’ mobility behaviour, an innovative parking space booking solution, and a disruptive business model for digital lockers.

To Bischoff, the key to the success of every digitalisation strategy lies in preparing the people affected for the new technologies, processes, and business models, including them in the digitalisation process and empowering them to embrace innovation. As a business psychologist with a background in business administration, change management is her top priority.

At ERNI, Ramona Bischoff is working in a company at the interface of information technology, people, and forward-looking ideas. The wide range of consulting activities and clients are what she finds the most fascinating. Her personal philosophy is that «change is a source of enrichment, ensuring we never stop learning.»

«Digitalisation is much more than just cool apps and jumping onto the latest technology trends. It goes deep into the DNA of a company and changes the way we think and act, and maybe even who we are. This is what makes and ensures people will always be at the centre of digitalisation. People are the key to transformation.»

Simon Hegener

Simon Hegener: Thinking outside the box

Simon Hegener learned about banking from the ground up. Born in Stuttgart – in 1984 – Simon left his degree in industrial engineering to join a general internship programme at a large Swiss bank in Zurich. He gained experience in a wide range of departments, including retail banking, forex trading, private banking, business analysis, project management, business intelligence, and bookkeeping. At the same time, he completed a degree in Business Administration with a focus on «Banking and Finance».

However, Simon eventually found that one bank was not enough for him, so he joined ERNI in 2014 to work as a Consultant on various projects for a selection of companies. In 2015 he worked on a project analysing blockchain technology, thus finding his new calling. As part of his journey to becoming a Senior Consultant at ERNI, he compiled training documents for his colleagues to make this complex technology more accessible.

The next step is coming in 2017: A blockchain prototype will be created with the help of the ERNI Community. Simon Hegener’s detailed insights into the financial services sector are also helpful here. But he also finds it exciting to think outside the box – beyond the confines of individual industries, again and again venturing into the unknown.

«Blockchain technology is still in its infancy. But it will change the world even more than the internet over the next 20 years.»